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We M/s. Royal Tradelinks (P) Ltd. are exclusive manufacturer  & importer of pulsFOG Brand Fogging Machines manufactured under collaboration agreement  with our German Principal,  M/s. pulsFOG Dr. Stahl & Sohn GmbH, Germany the renowned manufacturer of pest control equipment in the world for  India, Nepal, Bhutan & Srilanka.

The pulsFOG Fogging Machines are manufactured on advanced German Technology with its engine having no moving parts (low maintenance, light weight) and is very much successful in eradicating the menace of Mosquitoes, Insects, Rats, etc. which are spreading dreaded diseases like Malaria, Filaria, Plague, J.E., Kala azar, Dengue, etc.

pulsFOG Thermal Foggers are equipped with Pulse Jet Engine which are extremely light in weight with substantially higher output than conventional fuel engine.  The Pulse Jet Engine does not have any moving parts hence the maintenance is very low and the patented direct fuel system and automatic ignition allows the users to start the unit by a single finger press.  Due to the reason pulsFOG has been approved by WHO & appreciated by N.M.E.P. Govt. of India.

We have a wide range of these Thermal Foggers, namely portable, mini vehicle mountable, vehicle mountable and electric ULV as well blower type Thermal Foggers . The portable models are very light in weight and a single man can carry on his shoulders for fogging in narrow lanes, garbage places, jhuggi cluster/water logging areas, etc. The vehicle mountable machines are most powerful machines those can cover a huge area in a very short period.

In India more than 5000 pulsFOG machines are being used by various organizations to prevent or cure the epidemic situation from above referred diseases. To name few it is WHO, UNICEF, RED CROSS SOCIETY, President House, NVBDCP (formerly N.M.E.P.), Steel Authority of India Ltd. , NICD, Municipal corporation Delhi, Indian Army, DPH&PM TN, DHS Gujarat, Haryana, U.P., M.P., Karnataka, Andhra, Kerala, Maharashtra, Orissa, Assam, Punjab, Rajasthan & various Municipal Councils/Corp. throughout the country. Which are giving them satisfactory services.
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