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Electric Fogging Machines

A Electrical fogging machine (Thermal )uses heat to transform liquid insecticide into a fog or smoke. Thermal electric fogging machine is very popular equipment used for mosquitoes control operation. These foggers are helpful in maintaining disease free environment. These thermal foggers are best suit for public health, plant protection, industries etc. These fogging machines are high-tech model designed with super quality, high performance and efficiency. A thermal fogger have its name so because it is a device that uses heat to produce a fog without degrading the active ingredient. A thermal fogger produces droplet of different sizes including a large number of very small droplets. This is why a thermal fogger is a preferred choice to reach air spaces in areas highly obstructed by vegetation, or other physical obstructions in buildings.

Burgess Thermal Fogger 982

Solution tank Capacity 3 ltrs
Heavy Duty 3qt.spun aluminium container
Touch trigger electric pump
Pressure clamp & leak-proof fittings.
Fog range: 5meters.
Multi use Fog + ULV
Electric supply – 220V

Download PDF (982)

pulsFOG Turbo ULV, portable

Empty weight: 7,0 kg
Chemical tank: 5 l
Engine Performance: 1,1 kW/4,6 A
Power supply: 230 V AC/50 Hz
Flow rate: adjustable 0-48 l/h
Droplet size: adjustable from 0-100 u/m

Download PDF (Turbo ULV)