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Royal Tradelinks offers fogging machine that is a device which creates a fog or mist by heating a liquid solution or by using compressed air to create a fine spray. These fogging machines are used in a variety of applications. In agriculture, fogging machines are often used to control insects or pests that can damage crops. In entertainment, fogging machines are commonly used to create special effects in movies, theatrical productions, or concerts. In pest control, fogging machines are used to apply pesticides to areas where traditional spraying methods may not be practical. In disinfection, fogging machines are used to apply a disinfectant solution to surfaces and spaces to help eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses.

Fogging machines can be powered by Hand, electricity, battery, or gas, and can vary in size from handheld units to large industrial fogging machines. It is important to follow proper safety protocols when using a fogging machine, including wearing protective gear and ensuring proper ventilation in the area being treated. Royal Tradelinks are best fogging machine manufacturers, Suppliers in pan India specially Delhi NCR.

Fogging Machine Applications

Stock Protection

Plant Protection

Public Health

Kill The Killer Mosquito

  1. Public Health (Mosquito, Nuisance and Vector Control) e.g. Insect Control in Public Installations (e.g. Parks, Lake Borders, Sporting Areas, Underground Sewage Channels), in Hotels, Canteens, Restaurants and in Private House & Gardens
  2. Plant Protection (Indoors) in Greenhouses and Plant Cold Storages.
  3. Plant Protection (Outdoors) in Crop Plantations and Forest, Ant- and Vole Control, Protection against Frost.
  4. Animal Health (Disinfections and Insect Control of Livestock Buildings, and Aerosol Vaccination).
  5. Stock Protection (Post-Harvest Application in Silos, Warehouses, Tobacco Stores..) 5. Decontamination (Military Use).
  6. Decontamination (Civilian Use) in case of disasters and Human Sanitation in Public Bathrooms, Hospitals, Dry Cleaners, Railway wagons, Trucks, Air Condition Installations, including Odour Control and Fire Restoration.
  7. Cinema-, Theatre- and Camouflage Effects, Fire Fighting Exercises, Leak Detection.

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